Autonomous Infrastructure & Quantum Laser Communications  

Space Based Ecosytem™ 
Quantum Mesh Network™

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellites and StealthCrypto® Ground
Mesh Network. Creating QG™ Quantum Generation™. 

QG™ and StealthCrypto® transforming our global infrastructure in communications, banking, data storage, and more with QSAT™ blockchain satelite constellation. QG™ providing 24/7 access with new soverignty around the world under a decentralized blockchain platform that is incentivized, secure and private. You don't need 5G, 6G, 7G, 8G, etc.; you only need QG™ (Quantum Generation™), a transformative movement for the 21st century.


A global ecosystem that will fundamentally change your costs, efficiency, and reach, opening up a wealth of new opportunities for those who prepare for it.

Quantum Generation  
QMN™ Token

Quantum Generation Ltd.  QMN™ (Quantum Mesh Network™) utility token will serve as a payment currency, which will also serve as a payment currency within the Quantum Generation™ ecosystem.

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IEO is in process!
QMN tokens will be distributed over the next next 48 hours and once completed we will post the launch pad address. 


The Future is in our rear view mirror. Join the QG™ Movement!

Business Model 

Quantum Generation™ acquisition of StealthCrypto® has the experience and the expertise to protect your data using next-generation decentralized blockchain security technology to help defend against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape. Our high-performance QG™ network encryption for long-term data protection Quantum key generation and quantum key distribution.
StealthCrypto® now with QG Space Cloud™ a space-based cloud storage on the QSAT™ constellation that makes cloud storage, IoT, unified communications, banking secure, and faster with patented QUBIT Blockchain®, StealthCrypto® and QG™ Technologies. 

About StealthCrypto®

Quantum Cyber Security for a new age of communications – We are developing the largest decentralized, incentivized, self-sustainable, Orbital, and ground quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology with QSAT™ Blockchain constellation. Creating QG™ (quantum Generation) Using proprietary, QUBIT Blockchain® end-to-end Dynamic Split Encryption™, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution™”, and quantum number generation, quantum key distribution & authentication.

The Ultimate in Quantum Secure Cryptography for data protection, as well as blockchain, space-based data storage, communications, smart city platforms, IoT and banking. The Team is creating a single Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) ecosystem that will be far superior to any existing ID systems, that is secure, private, and available on demand.

StealthCrypto® and the Quantum Generalation™, Stealth Grid®, and QUBIT Lab™ development team prides ourselves on strong technical expertise and unique market knowledge, with 2/3 of employees working in R&D, including an international team of security experts and several world-renowned cryptographers. 

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellite Constellation 

The World's First & Only Quantum Mesh Blockchain Satellite Constellation!

QSAT™ building a transformational autonomous ubiquitous orbital and terrestrial infrastructure. The QSAT™ incentivized ecosystem communicates with the terrestrial mesh network through, QUBIT Blockchain™, QAntenas, QPhone, StealthCrypto® phone, QData, QWifi, Q-IOT, QSoftware, and SG ground stations backed by quantum cryptography, communications, and teleportation. The QSAT™ space based sovereign community is the Quantum Generation© "QG™!

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