Quantum Generation®
Global Project Team


Quantum Generation®
Global Project Team

The QG® Project Team's organizational mission is evident throughout the project: constructing a space-based Quantum blockchain. This decentralized network aims to birth a reliable global currency with genuine, tangible value, shifting the economic framework and unifying global citizens. At its heart, QG® champions freedom, privacy, and an equitable route for wealth creation and distribution among individuals.

For 11 years, our founders have shaped a structure and fostered partnerships to realize this transformative vision. Our seasoned project leaders and a cadre of eminent scientists and engineers aspire to democratize quantum technologies.
We're on a mission to create the world's premier, cost-efficient, and secure quantum computing platform, opening its wonders to industry, academia, and learners alike. Our Quantum Blockchain Technology unit leads in innovating quantum blockchain tech and implementing quantum encryption systems. We also delve into cryptographic algorithm design, system and network security, and optimize satellite communication regarding speed, latency, reliability, and energy efficiency. Simultaneously, our regional factions are pioneering a decentralized quantum internet—a resilient network ensuring uncensored information exchange.

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