Quantum Generation®
Global Project Team


Quantum Generation®
Global Project Team

The organizational mission of the QG® Project Team remains evident throughout the project life cycle. This undertaking has been to build a space-based Quantum blockchain with decentralized network capabilities to create a trustworthy global currency with a measurable real value integrated into a broadening interconnected ecosystem, thereby changing the economic paradigm and connecting the world's citizens. The goal for QG® has always been about providing freedom, privacy, and a better and more equitable path forward in the creation, preservation, and transfer of wealth between individuals.
Over the past eight years, the founding team has built upon that vision by constructing the organizational and partnership model to deliver this valuable end-state to the world. Senior members of the project team and advisors with a wealth of experience and vision With a team of highly-skilled scientists and engineers, our mission is to bring the power of quantum technologies to the masses. 

Our mission is to build the world’s most cost-effective and secure quantum computing platform that will allow everyone, from industry to academia and students, to harness this innovative quantum technologies.
Our global Quantum Blockchain Technology team is responsible for developing and deploying new quantum blockchain technologies the development and implementation of quantum encryption systems. Collaborating with our team I design, implementation and testing of cryptographic algorithms, operating system security, network security. This includes designing, building, and testing satellite communication hardware, software, and networks to optimize the system performance in terms of throughput, latency, reliability, and power consumption. With regional team building our decentralized quantum internet that is system for censorship-resistant, distributed networking that allows anyone to share information without the fear of being censored.


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